Hi Dr. Shah. Am very happy to inform u that I delivered a beautiful baby boy on the 16th of Feb. The labour was long but your breathing exercises helped all the way thru. So did knowing which phase of labour I am on. They had to add additional medication to help me progress further into labour after the first few hours that resulted in intense contractions towards the end. The breathing really helped then. I don’t think I wud hav been able to make it thru without all the information and knowledge u gave us during the classes. It’s still coming in hand while breastfeeding the baby. Thank u once again for all ur guidance and I hope all the pregnant women in mumbai come to u so their pregnancy too can go so well. My husband too was raving abt u to everyone in the hospital :) when he saw that I was able to go thru it, all thanks to ur classes. U hav fans for life :)). Best Wishes & Regards !! Nehal Mehta from Bandra class.

Hey Dr, this is Lakshmi from the bandra class. I hve been meaning to write to you since long and this is a long overdue message.
We welcomed a lovely little baby boy on 30th December, 18 and the baby and me are doing really well. The twelve hour labour and delivery process was really smooth and thanks to your class I was well prepared for every stage. It was all smooth sailing till then and then we hit a bit of a roadblock. My baby had a lot of latching issues and that resulted in undue stress and anxiety. I was clear that I didn’t want to give my baby top feed and he should only be having my milk for the first 6 months. Something, that you instilled in me from your sessions. It took him about 16 days to get a proper latch and start actively feeding. Till then I had to pump and express milk and give it to him by bondula. This phase led to a lot of self blame and guilt as a mother that I wasn’t being able to do something as basic as give my baby milk from my breasts. I would think of all those lovely messages you would read out in class from the numerous girls about their birth stories and their babies successfully latching and it all seemed like such a happy picture and I kept thinking why didn’t that happen to me too. The first two weeks were rough and what kept me going was your voice in my head that would keep repeating that patience and perseverance is the key to motherhood. I kept telling myself that my baby will eventually latch and I should just hang in there. Finally we were successfully breast feeding by the 16th day. The biggest take out of attending your class was not just being prepared for labour but also making the right choices for my baby, understanding the nuances of breast feeding and ensuring that my partner could be my pillar of strength through this entire journey. I hope you continue to inspire many other mothers. Motherhood has been exhausting but exhilarating and I’m glad I could give my baby the gift of breast milk.
Hoping to meet you soon with little Eshaan and give you the painting too!
Dear Dr. Shah

With great joy, my husband Kunal and I would like to give you the news of the arrival of our baby girl “Sia” on December 25, 2017. It was a normal delivery and both Sia and me are doing very well.
Thank you so much for the wonderful sessions, each of which have helped Kunal and me at every stage…be it during pregnancy, during the labour and finally now as we bond with our little one.
The pelvic stretch, squats, duck walk were immensely helpful to aid normal delivery and the perineum massage ensured minimal stitches. 
Your sessions on breastfeeding were very motivating and positive. They helped me stay clear of any negativity and be focused on ensuring that I start breastfeeding my baby. I was not worried about how and when I will manage, which gave me positive results. Bringing the baby to the breast right from birth helped me get going from day 3 itself.
I was skeptical about whether I really needed these classes before joining them, but had taken them up only because of Dr. Nozer’s recommendation. But now as I tread the path of motherhood, I realise how much confidence they have given me. There is no room for doubts or unnecessary panic.
We would like to thank you for everything. Our best wishes for your future sessions. May you continue helping and inspiring many more parents like us!
Proud parents of Sia
Bhavisha & Kunal


Delivered a healthy ‪‎baby girl! It was a normal delivery though labour was induced and ARM was done. Thanks to the breathing andexercises, everything went better than expected! Thanks a ton Dr. for your efforts in training and guiding us. It was a wonderful experience only because of you!

Akta - Mulund centre

“Dearest Dr. Rita, this is to say a big thank you for the amazing classes… I enjoyed my pregnancy  only because of these classes! Thank you for all the love concern, care and advice. I miss you and look forward to you visiting me and the baby at home, as well as to your postnatal classes. Loads of love and a big hug!”

Ishita Jain - Nepean Sea Rd. centre student

Blessed with a healthy little baby boy on 1st August, 2015… Had a normal delivery! Thank you doctor for all your guidance and support, made things so much easier!

Andrea - Bandra centre student

I am very thankful for your guidance, training and education during my pregnancy period. On Tuesday the 17/10/2006, I gave birth to a handsome boy weighing 2.702 kgs. (more…)

Shweta - Nepean Sea Rd. centre student

I have a very demanding job with long working hours, which tends to take a toll on the body physically. When friends recommended Nine Months to me, I enrolled immediately, with the intention of having at least some form of exercise, which would make my journey during pregnancy easier.

It has truly proved to be so, as the combination of exercises (practical) as well as theoretical classes has made the experience very enriching.

I would strongly recommend it to friends!

Sona Mazumdar - Nepean Sea Rd. centre student

I started the classes much earlier (5th month onwards). However mid-day we decided to have the baby in Delhi and hence I decided to step the classes mid-way. Dr Shah was extremely co-operative and helpful in getting my classes completed by doing extra classes.

I found the classes extremely informative in fact, very good and essential.

A must do for expecting moms!

Surabhi - Bandra centre student

Hi, all moms to be …. welcome to the most cherishable phase of your life! Here is something that I would like to share of my own experience. I had the perfect pregnancy one could have, no morning sickness, no swelling, no aches, no bed rest. (more…)

Bhavna Udani - Bandra centre student