I am very thankful for your guidance, training and education during my pregnancy period. On Tuesday the 17/10/2006, I gave birth to a handsome boy weighing 2.702 kgs. My water bag burst on Monday 2.30am when I was admitted at Breach Candy and delivered the next day at 4.25pm. I had a normal delivery.

I practiced all the breathing techniques, without which bearing the labour pain would have been impossible. I remembered your voice every time a contraction came! My mother in law was there throughout with me and co-operated very well.

Once again thank you for all what you have done for us and wishing you all the best for your future.

Some questions I needed clarity on:
a) Do the breast exercises taught facilitate milk flow?
b) What should be the nutrition, food intake for breast-feeding?
c) How many stools should a baby have in a day?

The role you have played in my pregnancy and delivery is completely unmatched!

Your support, guidance, education, warmth, love and training helped me face the strongest and most difficult time of my pregnancy and delivery.

Thanks a Million……..

  • June 30, 2015

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