Nehal Mehta

Hi Dr. Shah. Am very happy to inform u that I delivered a beautiful baby boy on the 16th of Feb. The labour was long but your breathing exercises helped all the way thru. So did knowing which phase of labour I am on. They had to add additional medication to help me progress further into labour after the first few hours that resulted in intense contractions towards the end. The breathing really helped then. I don’t think I wud hav been able to make it thru without all the information and knowledge u gave us during the classes. It’s still coming in hand while breastfeeding the baby. Thank u once again for all ur guidance and I hope all the pregnant women in mumbai come to u so their pregnancy too can go so well. My husband too was raving abt u to everyone in the hospital :) when he saw that I was able to go thru it, all thanks to ur classes. U hav fans for life :)). Best Wishes & Regards !! Nehal Mehta from Bandra class.

  • February 27, 2019

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