Bhavna Udani

Hi, all moms to be …. welcome to the most cherishable phase of your life! Here is something that I would like to share of my own experience. I had the perfect pregnancy one could have, no morning sickness, no swelling, no aches, no bed rest. Of course this was all because of the exercises we do in Dr Shah’s classes. I used to do them religiously. My delivery was also very smooth and normal with very few stitches which dissolved easily .I did the perennial massage ritually in the last few weeks which made a big difference , so please don’t skip on the massage, it really works .

On the 21st of dec 2009 , my adorable son was born in the best of health . I started secreting Colosseum and everything was picture perfect until two days after the delivery i was diagnosed with Dengue Fever .I started getting fever , shivers was was very weak .My appetite went down drastically . My milk Flow did not develop to the extent it should have , it was not enough for the baby , because of which i had to feed formula milk to my child .I was in the hospital for nine days ,and bt then my son was completely on Top feed.

As I was recovering from dengue I started feeding my child, but the milk flow was not enough for my baby, Which was confirmed on my first visit to the paediatrician ,where he said that the baby’s growth was not as it should have been. he told me that if my body was not producing milk by now, There are chances that it will never produce enough milk again, and I need to completely top feed my child. He also said that i should breast feed less, because that makes the child tired suckling. I was completely broken .

This is when i called Dr Shah and told her that i want to feed my baby and not make hima bottle fed baby . Dr Shah assured me that if i do certain things it will be possible for me to breast feed my baby . Along with the other things she asked me to do like having methi, bajra , satvarex one of the things she asked me to do was to take the baby to feed for atleast 10-12 times a day. Now this was exactly opposite of what my peadiact has said. I made a choice to follow what Dr Shah said, which was a difficult one because baby growth was on stake.

I took all the measures that Dr Shah asked me to take , and slowly and gradually the milk flow started to increase . My son started with seven bottles a day and was reduced to less that 2 bottles a day in 20 days.

All through Dr Shah kept assuring me not to lose hope and that things would be better. Things sure did get better. My son Jahaan’s growth has been perfect as per the paediatrician.

Now my son is almost 3 months old and is doing great, and hardly needs any top feed.

Dr. Shah, I adore your dedication and commitment for all your students. You have always been there for me, I’m lucky to have had you to guide me through my difficult phase and I wish the same luck to all…!

  • June 30, 2015

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