Bhavisha Gupta

Dear Dr. Shah

With great joy, my husband Kunal and I would like to give you the news of the arrival of our baby girl “Sia” on December 25, 2017. It was a normal delivery and both Sia and me are doing very well.
Thank you so much for the wonderful sessions, each of which have helped Kunal and me at every stage…be it during pregnancy, during the labour and finally now as we bond with our little one.
The pelvic stretch, squats, duck walk were immensely helpful to aid normal delivery and the perineum massage ensured minimal stitches. 
Your sessions on breastfeeding were very motivating and positive. They helped me stay clear of any negativity and be focused on ensuring that I start breastfeeding my baby. I was not worried about how and when I will manage, which gave me positive results. Bringing the baby to the breast right from birth helped me get going from day 3 itself.
I was skeptical about whether I really needed these classes before joining them, but had taken them up only because of Dr. Nozer’s recommendation. But now as I tread the path of motherhood, I realise how much confidence they have given me. There is no room for doubts or unnecessary panic.
We would like to thank you for everything. Our best wishes for your future sessions. May you continue helping and inspiring many more parents like us!
Proud parents of Sia
Bhavisha & Kunal


  • January 21, 2018

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