Nidhi Mundhra

I have only compliments for Dr. Rita Shah’s ante natal classes. Dr. Rita Shah was extremely helpful, insightful and motherly, but that is not the only reason I was so happy with the classes. They changed the course of my pregnancy in many personal ways: the main reason being that my husband wasn’t one of those men who were actively involved in knowing more about what happens when one is pregnant. He was loving and empathetic but not curious. After coming for the labour class, he completely changed. He made notes as doctor spoke and became extremely interested in being a true Lamaze coach for me through my labour. After we went home, he also insisted on learning the breathing techniques, and practiced them with me closer to my due date.

The final surprise was when I went into labour and was in excruciating pain as I had been given a medicine to regularize my contractions. I went from the early phase of labour to transition stage at an accelerated speed and was not able to assess what phase I was in so I could not do my breathing (besides the fact that Lamaze breathing was the last thing on my mind). My husband started timing my contractions and started encouraging me to do the correct breathing for my phase. He did it with me till I was forced to move focus from the pain to the breathing. It was amazing! My mom says he practically did my delivery! Besides the huge help that he was, this helped us bond on a different level. I can only thank Dr. Rita Shah for the same.

  • June 30, 2015

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