What do we really understand of the term, ‘prepared childbirth’? Women have been giving birth since centuries, and since medical science too has evolved to great limits, it should be much easier for a woman to birth a baby now than what it ever was.. isn’t it?

The answer would be yes and no. While medical science has paved the way for ‘complicated’ pregnancies and deliveries to become way easier and safer than what they used to be, our dependence and expectation out of the outcome of even normal pregnancies is being influenced by medical interventions to a great deal.

We need to understand that after all, giving birth is a natural process. There is a reason why normal vaginal delivery is known as ‘normal’, and so, there is no reason for us to run towards a medical procedure, if everything with the mother and the child is healthy, just because it is available. 

What we can do, however, is make sure that we prepare ourselves to have a normal delivery and a satisfactory child birthing experience. The course of a pregnancy, labour and thereafter delivery, largely depends on how prepared and informed you are while starting on the journey. When we talk about a normal and healthy pregnancy and delivery, it is needless to say, that this can be achieved only when the mother is normal and healthy going into it.

However, pregnancy in itself comes with its own sets of demands, limitations and challenges that cannot be fulfilled by the same things that we may do to keep ourselves healthy otherwise. Which is why, we need to educate ourselves in order to be able to take care of our body’s and baby’s needs effectively.

 A healthy mother gives birth to a healthy child. We all know that. But, in order to give birth to a healthy baby, just being healthy yourself may not be enough, since many a times, even healthy mothers may encounter situations whilst in their pregnancy or labour which may cause some discomfort and affect the course of one’s pregnancy or delivery. For e.g. A mother may have been absolutely healthy and active during her pregnancy but may not know or understand the importance of being active during labour and due to this, may end up with many interventions during the course of it. 

Having said that, if a mother is truly informed and aware of all the aspects of childbirth along with keeping herself healthy and active throughout her pregnancy, she is not only ready for a normal delivery, she is even armed with tools to cope with any unforeseen discomfort that she may encounter at any stage. This in turn, would pave the way for not only a confident but also a satisfying approach to the whole process of childbirth, which is found lacking in mothers, who have no way of knowing what may or may not happen during labour and often find themselves going into it, full of anxiety, fear and apprehensions.

So, mothers… whether you want to cherish the memory of one of the most important events of your life or look back at it with agony.. the choice is yours!



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