Motherhood : A Magical Roller Coaster!

If there was ever a life changing experience, it is motherhood! As soon as you become a mum, life as you know it changes completely, taking you on an incredible journey with exciting discoveries at each turn! Motherhood is different for every single woman in the world, but one thing is for sure, every mother discovers a completely new side to herself…


As a new mum, you may feel completely overwhelmed with the sudden change in your life – gone are the carefree days when you could do whatever you want, whenever you want… You can no longer just get up and go for a movie, eat at a restaurant or even have a relaxed phone conversation at the drop of a hat. Every single outing requires tons of planning. And each time you step out of the house (that is if you’re fortunate enough to have someone to look after your baby in your absence), your mind will most likely be occupied with worries about how your baby will do in your absence. Yes, motherhood truly is like living in a new avatar!


So how do you strike a balance between what your life used to be like vs. what life is like now? A few simple things can go a long way… For one, taking out just a little bit of time for yourself is extremely important. It revitalizes you and makes you a much happier person! Your daily escape can be a simple brisk walk, a guitar session, reading a book or even just playing your favourite game on the ipad. Even twenty minutes of any such activity is a great stress buster. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether it is your husband, in-laws, a friend or a hired help, let people around you know what you need. You will be surprised how they step up to help you! Another huge support system is other new mums. They are going through the same things you are, and can be your best sounding board. Each mom may have her own way of bringing up her child, but at the end of the day, the sisterhood of motherhood is a rock solid bond! Joining postnatal classes in your vicinity is the best way to meet other mums.


Mommyhood is all about working out practical solutions! For instance, if you’ve always been a workaholic, you don’t need to suddenly transform yourself into a homemaker. But you do need to work out a realistic work schedule which takes into account some of your baby’s needs. If you were a party animal, your social life does not have to be completely over. You may miss many gatherings, but you can still take out a few hours occasionally to step out with friends. In short, there is a middle path for almost everything, you just have to accept it! Everybody has good days and bad days, so do moms. If you are facing a colic bout, sore nipples, poop explosions and a night of absolutely no sleep, know that you are not alone. Remember, no feeling lasts too long in mommy land, and when your baby wakes up in the morning and gives you a big smile, the night’s woes will be forgotten with a jiffy! So sit back and enjoy the roller coaster of motherhood – it is the beginning of an incredible journey, not the end!