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Nine Months Pregnancy – Breastfeeding (Dr. Rita Shah)


Become aware of the benefits of breastfeeding & learn how to breastfeed the baby without any problems in this online class.

Nine Months Pregnancy – Better Breastfeeding (DVD)

The online video of this DVD will help you to understand the initial problems that occur with breastfeeding & will help you to find solutions like a lactation consultant.

Nine Months Pregnancy – Father’s role in labour (Dr. Rita Shah)


A father has a major role to play. The online class enlightens the father to understand his role in Pregnancy, during childbirth & also in the Postnatal stage.

Nine Months Pregnancy – Post Partum (Dr. Rita Shah)


After the birth of the baby, in the postnatal stage, a mother experiences, a lot of changes -Physically, emotionally & mentally. The post partum online class prepares you thoroughly

Nine Months Pregnancy – Caesarean Birth (Dr. Rita Shah)


When chances of normal delivery do not work, C section is the answer. This pregnancy online class informs you about the indications & management after a cesarean.

Nine Months Pregnancy – Paediatrics (Dr. Rita Shah)


Taking care of a newborn baby requires tremendous maternal skills. Learn to be a super mom with the tips provided in this online class.

Nine Months Pregnancy – Preparing for labour (Dr. Rita Shah)


Labour is greatly hyped. A well informed mother can overcome her fears of labour. This online Labour class will enable you to gain the confidence & enhance your abilities for normal & natural childbirth.

Nine Months Pregnancy – The Stages of Labour (DVD)


The labour DVD will take you thru the journey of various stages of labour providing you with the complete details from the beginning of labour to the actual birth of the baby.