Lactation Consultancy

Lactation Consultancy


Breastfeeding your child is probably one of the most satisfying and pleasurable things you will do as a mother. However, it is common for new mothers to face problems while breastfeeding, resulting in a lot of unsolicited guilt and stress.


There is absolutely no need for you to throw in the towel when you can rectify this issue with some professional help. All you need is a single session with our Lactation Consultant at Nine Months Pregnancy and you will be able to venture on a seamless breastfeeding experience with your new-born.


How can you Help me with my Problem?

Our lactation consultants will be able to help you with the following aspects of breastfeeding –

  • How to correct your baby’s latch
  • How to position your baby correctly when feeding
  • How to deal with sore or cracked nipples
  • Expression and Storage of Milk
  • How to deal with common breastfeeding issues such as
    • tongue-tie
    • Low Milk Supply
    • Heavy Let downs, etc

 We believe that breastfeeding should not be a matter of stress but a delightful experience for both the mother and the new born.


 Attending the Class

Our Sessions can be conducted at any of the centres with prior appointment. If you are unable to attend our 30-minute one-on-one session conducted by Dr. Rita Shah, we are more than happy to conduct a class for you over video chat. Receive the correct guidance from the comforts of your home while you take care of your new born and enjoy the start of motherhood. We are also more than happy to address any of your questions over email.


Session Charges – INR 2000/-


For more details, do go through our FAQs. Call us or write to us by clicking here.