Prenatal Classes

What is the Nine Months Fitness Programme and what should I look forward to as an expecting mother?

Enrolling in our programme will help you benefit in many ways!Here’s a glimpse of what awaits.


Dr. Rita Shah’s Nine Months Fitness program is a comprehensive package for expecting mothers that covers everything from exercises to classes that teach you the essentials of motherhood. Enrolling in our programme will help you benefit in many ways! Here’s a glimpse of what awaits:


  1. Exercises:

Although exercising during your pregnancy is extremely important, it is also essential to do so in the right way. This can not only help the mother lead a healthier lifestyle but also keep the baby safe and sound. Here are some of the various ways in which our special exercises can help you:


  • Prevents excess weight gain and keeps mothers active and mobile
  • Increases the chances of having a quick, easy delivery
  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves strength of the back muscles, keeping back pain due to the strain on the belly in check
  • Improves posture
  • Releases endorphins which help women feel happy during their pregnancy
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Improves sleep patterns
  • Helps get the baby in the right position for a smooth delivery
  • Ensures a faster recovery after labour
  • Helps getting back to pre-pregnancy fitness & weight faster
  • Helps to cope with the physical demands of motherhood


A. Lamaze Breathing Techniques:

Lamaze breathing techniques are designed keeping in mind the need of pregnant women and can help them in numerous ways. Not only do they keep her calm through the delivery, but they also help her cope with every contraction coming her way. There are different techniques used for the different stages of labour, and mastering these is the key to an easy, natural delivery.


B. Informative Classes on the Essentials of Motherhood:

Becoming a mother, especially for the first time can be a daunting task. Whether you find yourself surrounded with clashing advice or none at all, these classes are designed to make you feel as prepared as possible to welcome a new child into your life. A range of topics are covered during these discussions such as:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Nutrition
  • Labour & Delivery
  • Paediatrics
  • Post-partum
  • Caesarean Birth


Besides this there are a variety of other topics, such as the dos and don’ts of pregnancy, myths around pregnancy and the father’s role during pregnancy, that are covered during the course. For a complete schedule please contact your teacher or refer to our online schedule that is regularly updated

Can I select the classes I wish to attend?

The onsite prenatal classes include 10 sessions of approx. 90 minutes each.


While we recommend expecting mothers to attend all the classes in the course, it is possible for you to attend select sessions as well. All of the regular prenatal and postnatal classes are priced at Rs.1500/- per session that you can register for in advance. You can also come for our special Labour Class (an exclusive 2.5-hour session to be attended with your partner) or Paediatrics Class (where you will learn all you need to know about infant care). Even attending select classes can make all the difference when its go time!

How are these classes different from prenatal yoga?

Our pregnancy classes are much more than yoga classes for pregnant women. We not only teach you specialized pregnancy exercises, but we also teach you the invaluable Lamaze breathing techniques which help a woman cope with the discomforts of labour. Each of our sessions also include an educational talk on topics like breastfeeding, nutrition, post-partum, caesarean birth, father’s role, and much more, making what we offer a holistic preparation course for expecting parents.

How many sessions do the onsite prenatal classes include?

The onsite prenatal classes include 10 sessions that go on for about 90 minutes each, and are held once in a week.

What is the best time for me to start the prenatal classes? Can I still join the classes if I am nearing the end of my term?

You can enrol for our onsite or online classes any time after 16 weeks of pregnancy till full term. We understand if you have missed out on joining these classes earlier so even if you are nearing the end of your pregnancy term, we will ensure you get extra help to make up for it! For those of you who are unable to attend all the classes, you may find our pay per class package a better suited option.

Are these classes for first time mothers or subsequent deliverers as well?

We strive to provide our mothers with custom tailored help in order to ensure their delivery is a smooth one. Whether you are pregnant with your first child or giving delivery to a subsequent one, we ensure you are prepared to deal with it all. In fact, our classes are even more important for women giving birth a second or third time since their muscles require more toning up at this stage to prevent any adverse after effects.

What about cases that involve complications during pregnancy?

Our classes are designed keeping in mind the various pains and problems of pregnant women. Even if you are facing a complication such as having placenta previa, high blood pressure, gestational diabetes or multiple pregnancies, Dr. Rita Shah can take care of your needs.


Our online classes are a great way of gaining access to our modules even if you are on bedrest. You will not only be given informative videos to watch but a live video session with Dr. Rita Shah herself who will ensure you master the Lamaze breathing techniques as you would in our onsite classes!

How can the father-to-be get involved?

While it is the mother who gives birth to the child, fathers too are becoming parents. Our classes aim to involve and help fathers too transition into this new role. We provide ample guidance to expectant fathers, giving them detailed information about the journey of pregnancy, labour, childbirth and their role as the perfect support at each stage. Fathers are encouraged to join in on as many onsite sessions as possible. However, it is important that every father makes it for the Labour Class so that they are able to be a rock solid support for you during the course of labour. Our online classes are also a great way to enable your partner to attend classes at their own convenience.



Postnatal Classes

What can I look forward to from the postnatal classes?

Each of our postnatal class consists of a specialized workout followed by a talk on various issues you may face as a mother. These discussions aim at resolving various issues such as breastfeeding related problems, settling the baby’s sleep pattern, introducing solids to the baby, recipes to use when cooking for an infant, how to deal with teething, weaning techniques and much more.

What is the best time to join the postnatal classes??

Women who went through a normal delivery can join these classes as early as after four weeks of delivery. If you went through a caesarean delivery, we recommend you join these classes any time after six weeks of giving birth. Pre-registration is compulsory for these classes, so please be sure to call us at 9821139999 before coming!

How many sessions do the onsite postnatal classes consist of?

You can currently register for a single class or a package of four postnatal classes that are conducted on every Wednesday from 4:00 – 5:00 pm at our Nepean Sea Road centre and on every Friday from 4:30 – 5:30 pm at our Bandra centre.

My baby is six months old. Can I still join the postnatal classes?

Our classes are designed for mothers with children up to a year old, so yes, please do get in touch with us to register for a session!

Why is pre-registration compulsory for the postnatal classes?

Pre-registration helps us ensure that all the mums and bubs can be accommodated comfortably. However, we understand scheduling with a little one is not always possible and in the event you are unable to make it for a class you have paid for, you can call us at 9821139999 before the class starts and let us know. We will do our best to accommodate you in the next postnatal class which you can make it for.




Online Classes

How do the online classes work? What happens once I have paid?

Our online classes have been designed for modern couples and mothers who are unable to make it for the onsite classes due to a variety of reasons. Through informative videos and sessions, you can experience these classes from the comfort of your own home.


Once you have completed the payment process you will be assigned your own password that gives you unrestricted access to the eight modules. Besides this you will also receive a shipment containing select essential documents to help you prepare to the fullest.


The recommended viewing order for the videos is:

  1. Breastfeeding
  2. Better Breastfeeding
  3. Father’s Role
  4. Post-Partum
  5. Caesarean birth
  6. Paediatrics
  7. Labour
  8. The Stages of Labour

Who can I turn to in case I need help?

Should you have any queries at any point during the course, you can simply drop us a mail at ritaninemonths@gmail.com. Dr.Rita Shah will give you a personalized reply within 72 hrs.

How can I learn the Lamaze breathing techniques through the online course?

Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended for the first six months of the baby’s life. There is no need to introduce any kind of solids, semi-solids etc. before this age, as mother’s milk is the best source of nutrition for the baby.

Will we have one-to-one session with Doctor Shah?

As part of the online course you will also have a one-on-one Skype session with Doctor Shah, where she will personally teach you the Lamaze breathing techniques. This session will be scheduled at a time of mutual convenience. You can call us or correspond with us through emails to schedule a video chat session.




Lactation Consultancy

When should I be breastfeeding my baby?

For the first six months of your child’s life, it is recommended that you exclusively breastfeed him or her. Since mother’s milk is known to be the best source of nutrition for the baby and hence there is no need to introduce any other source of nourishment. Our lactation consultants can help you with an array of things such as best breastfeeding practices, understanding the child’s needs and how and when to introduce other food.

When do I need a lactation consultant?

While all mothers can benefit from the expert guidance of a lactation consultant, if you are facing one or more of the mentioned problems, a lactation consultant can change your breastfeeding experience for the better:


  • uncomfortable feeding positions
  • Latching issues
  • Insufficient milk supply
  • Heavy let-down
  • Tongue-tie
  • Sore/cracked/bleeding nipples


A lactation consultant can also help you learn the basics of expressing milk, how to avoid nipple confusion when introducing bottles and other breastfeeding related problems you may face!

I want to schedule a lactation consultancy session, but I'm not sure what time to fix as my baby's schedule keeps changing every day. What should I do?

We understand how difficult it can be to work around the baby’s feeding and nap timings. Once you have booked your slot, you can email us at ritaninemonths@gmail.com or call us at 9821139999 and we will work out a timing that suits you, even on extremely short notice. If you cannot make it on time for the skype consult, you do not need to fret, we will re-schedule it for the next convenient time slot.

Are lactation consultancies held onsite?

Yes, we do conduct lactation consultancy sessions at our centres as well. For appointments, please call us at 9821139999 or email us at ritaninemonths@gmail.com