Childbirth classes in 2nd Pregnancy

Why is it important to join childbirth education classes in second pregnancy?

Often enough, if we have been through a particular situation/phase once in life, we have a tendency to think of it as something that we know all about. We have that “been there, done that” kind of an attitude. However, it doesn’t hold true for all situations. For eg. even if you have travelled to a particular country or a city for a vacation more than once, you may end up finding some new places or things to explore every new time.

Similarly, like we often say in class, no two labours are the same… therefore, no two pregnancies are same either. Even if they both belong to you.

Having said that, no matter how sincerely you attended classes the first time, there will always be something or the other that may slip out or that you may forget about during the course of time. After all, once your baby arrives, your life changes significantly and a lot of information that you once had may not be there with you entirely, right now. 

Most importantly, now that you have had the experience once and know so much about the birthing process, you may be surprised how that may make you want to ask some entirely new questions, that you never thought of clarifying the first time, but were so relevant. Also, attending classes with a different set of people plays a huge role. A lot of the questions that don’t come to you, may come out of another couple, and benefit you greatly as well. Hence you benefit from others’ and help others benefit from your experience.

Besides, let us not forget that being fit during your pregnancy and preparing your body for labor is important for you to have a healthy experience, irrespective of the time you’re giving birth for. Especially during your second pregnancy. As your body is undergoing all those physical changes a second time and so, it’s all the more important that you keep it fit and sturdy so that it supports you even during your golden years.

Also, your childbirth educator can help you with tips and ideas for making sure that your first born is made to feel as comfortable about welcoming his/her sibling in the family as you can.

These classes also give you an excellent opportunity to give you some together time with your partner. Attending these classes together again, can help you and your spouse steal a couple of hours every week to be able to bond and share your feelings and apprehensions with each other, before your second one arrives and your family is complete.

In addition to the ones mentioned above, every couple may have their own reasons and benefit from these classes in their own unique manner. Hence mothers, give yourself and your second baby, as much focus and attention as you did the first time and leave it to your childbirth educator to support you through it!


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