Can Yoga be a substitute for Prenatal classes

Prenatal yoga as the name suggests are a set of yoga exercises, that are specially designed to help an expecting mother keep her body fit, so she is able to support her pregnancy effectively.

Are they good for you? Definitely.

Are they all you need or can do to make sure you have a satisfying birthing experience? No.

While, it is really very beneficial to be active and fit during pregnancy, there is a lot more that you need and can do to make sure that you have a safe & smooth delivery also.

This is where Childbirth education comes in. Attending Childbirth education classes not only keeps you fit, through their comprehensive set of exercises, designed for your pregnant bodies, they also prepare you mentally and emotionally by giving you adequate and updated information for a natural and normal vaginal delivery.Covering  important aspects of pregnancy and childbirth,  e.g.. nutrition, cesarean, postpartum, breastfeeding etc. This information helps you to make sure that you get on the ‘front seat’ during your pregnancy and are able to steer it towards a healthy direction. Important information about labor and practicing breathing techniques, to cope with labor, make sure that when it’s time, you take confident and energetic steps towards it, rather than ones of confusion and panic.

Lamaze breathing techniques are the crowning glory of a childbirth class. These techniques are wonderful tools to help the mother cope up with the discomfort of labour contractions. These techniques reduce the need of any pain medications.

Childbirth education classes can keep you fit and ready for delivery ALONG WITH decoding the mysteries of the ante and post partum period, bit by bit, so that you are armed to take any situation that may arise head on and confidently. Not just that;  they encompass all that you need to know about how to handle yourself and your baby once your bundle of joy arrives, and both of you take your first steps towards a new beginning.

Additionally, we believe that Fathers have an equal and important role to play during your pregnancy, labour and after delivery time, and so the classes make them a part of their journey as well and make them aware and mindful of all the ways in which he can be besides the mother in every step of the way. Attending them together also makes way for a much needed couple bonding time that you both can avail of at least once every week.Also, a well prepared father is great asset to the labouring woman.

Hence, while it is important to be fit during pregnancy, it is more important to be FIT AND READY! to make you enjoy giving birth to your baby.



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