Baby Shopping – Getting it Right!

Preparations to welcome a new-born home usually begin during the last couple months of pregnancy. Traditionally, many elders in the family may advise you against buying anything for the baby before the actual delivery (it is considered inauspicious to do so). However, today, more and more couples are breaking away from the rules and making a beeline for those super cute baby shops! Just as baby shopping can be a fun experience, it can also get daunting with the huge plethora of baby products available today. Here are a few points to help you, before you start to shop till you drop!


– Stick to essentials: Whether it is clothes, swaddle cloths or blankets, it’s wise to stick to a limited number of things to begin with as you will probably get a lot of such things as gifts as soon as the baby is delivered. Lots of things – like a rocker, pram, carrier and toys – can easily be bought a few weeks down the line. Even optional things like pacifiers and bottles don’t need to bought unless you specifically decide to use them later.


– Remember to put comfort before appearance: Don’t get carried away by adorable prints and patterns! Soft, front opening clothes are your best bet. Make sure there are no designs or tags which are scratchy from the inside, and don’t plan on too many layers of clothing for your newborn, unless you live in a cold climate. Ignore the riff-raff, and just go for the practical stuff – soft hooded towels, a spacious and sturdy diaper bag etc.


– Cover all departments: Be sure to buy things for all the different aspects of your baby’s needs – clothing, bedding, diapering, toiletries, personal grooming etc. Make a list beforehand so that you don’t forget small things like burp cloths, a baby nail cutter or hairbrush etc.! Plan important things like your baby’s bathing and sleeping arrangements beforehand, so that you can buy things accordingly. Decide if you would prefer a bathtub vs. bathing chair, a crib vs. moses basket etc.


– Your own shopping list: Just like the baby, you will have special requirements after your delivery as well, so make sure you shop for these as well! You will need things like a nursing pillow, nursing bras, front open clothes (for day time and night time), nursing pads and lanolin cream from the very first day onwards. If you are planning to express milk, now is the time to study the breast pumps available in the market and shortlist one for yourself. After all, your own needs are just as important as the baby’s!


Apart from a plethora of shops, today, there are lots of online options available to buy baby things. You as the consumer are king! But the bottom line is, go with your gut instinct. Don’t get confused by “special package deals” or people’s suggestions beyond a point. You are the best judge of what your baby would need, and your first baby shopping experience should be thoroughly enjoyable!