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The Nine Months Pregnancy Classes


Pregnancy is a truly cherished phase in a woman’s life A time when her most precious dream starts coming true, a stage when her life takes on a completely new meaning. Each of these 40 weeks in the prenatal stage are miraculous in their own way, but pregnancy is also a tumultuous time – a medley of excitement, anticipation and anxiety.


Get Answers to All your Pregnancy Related Questions

We at Nine Months are here to quell your worries, ease your physical discomforts, and ensure that you have a happy, comfortable pregnancy. We would love to help prepare you both mentally and physically for your big day. While your family and friends may be giving you sufficient advice, attending our prenatal classes is the best way to ensure that you receive safe, accurate and up-to-date information on various aspects of pregnancy and motherhood.

No query is too small or too silly to ask. We under the wings of Dr. Rita Shah act as a single source of information that you may need with regards to breastfeeding, new born care, diet & nutrition during pregnancy, post-partum care, caesarean birth, labour, the father’s role and more.


Join Our Leading Exercise & Lamaze Pregnancy Classes in Mumbai

Apart from information, you will be guided through a specialized pregnancy exercise programme under the aegis of a certified and highly qualified instructor. In addition to this, you will also get to learn the Lamaze breathing techniques – the most powerful asset of a woman in labour.


Holding Your Hand through Your Motherhood Journey

We are not only by your side during your pregnancy journey, but we at Nine Months Pregnancy also offer guidance for mothers after their bundle of joy enters the world. In addition to our prenatal classes, our Post-Natal class and Lactation consultancy services allow you gain correct information on breast feeding, sleep training your child, introduction of solids and weaning techniques among other things.


We look forward to welcoming you into the Nine Months family, helping you to journey into the world of parenthood with tremendous confidence! For more information on our program and comprehensive pregnancy exercise plan, or to register with us, click here.