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All About Babywearing…

For centuries, women across the world have used cloth slings to carry their babies wrapped around themselves. This has empowered them by allowing them to continue doing their work, knowing that their baby is close and safe. Today, the practice of wearing or carrying a baby in a sling or carrier is referred to as “babywearing”, a technique which can successfully be implemented not

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Exclusive Breastfeeding : A Truly Rewarding Experience

During my pregnancy, I had learnt a lot about the importance of breastfeeding from my own research as well as in the Nine Months classes. Yet, so many people had told me scary stories of sore nipples, latching problems, low supply and other issues, that I could only keep my fingers crossed, wondering what my fate would be. Luckily for me, within an hour

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Common Myths of Pregnancy

Latest advances in the field of medicine have transformed the experience of having a baby for a pregnant woman. Yet, the age-old myths are still popular, though quite baseless, and they can bother a pregnant woman considerably.

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