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3D Ultrasound in Pregnancy – Dr. Bhagyam Nagarajan, D.N.B, D.M.R.D

IS 4 D ULTRASOUND BETTER THAN 3D ULTRASOUND? In pregnancy, 4D and 3D ultrasound essentially mean the same thing which is a 3D image of the baby. 4D also includes a 4th dimension (time) so you can see the 3 D images of the baby moving in real time– it is a live video showing the baby as she is moving inside you. When you are sent for a pregnancy 3D Scan -the Radiologist

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Dealing with Post partum Depression

Being a new mom is one of the most overwhelming experiences anyone can go through. As soon as your little one makes an entry in the world, life as you know it transforms completely! And even though every mother gets nine months of heads up time, nothing can quite prepare you for the journey of motherhood. Though the birth of a child is usually

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Baby Shopping – Getting it Right!

Preparations to welcome a new-born home usually begin during the last couple months of pregnancy. Traditionally, many elders in the family may advise you against buying anything for the baby before the actual delivery (it is considered inauspicious to do so). However, today, more and more couples are breaking away from the rules and making a beeline for those super cute baby shops! Just

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