Lamaze & Exercise Prenatal Classes for a Healthy Pregnancy

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Can Yoga be a substitute for Prenatal classes

Prenatal yoga as the name suggests are a set of yoga exercises, that are specially designed to help an expecting mother keep her body fit, so she is able to support her pregnancy effectively. Are they good for you? Definitely. Are they all you need or can do to make sure you have a satisfying birthing experience? No. While, it is really very beneficial

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Childbirth classes in 2nd Pregnancy

Why is it important to join childbirth education classes in second pregnancy? Often enough, if we have been through a particular situation/phase once in life, we have a tendency to think of it as something that we know all about. We have that “been there, done that” kind of an attitude. However, it doesn’t hold true for all situations. For eg. even if you

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Husband-a perfect support in Labour

Some of you may wonder or even cringe at the heading above. This is because when you think of labour, you probably think of your wife in pain, lying on a bed in a hospital room with white walls surrounded by doctors and other hospital staff, shuttling in and out of the room. You can’t be blamed for that image. It is what you

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Emergency Cesarean

You have been ticking all your boxes through out your pregnancy. You have eaten all that was to be eaten, avoided all that you should have, exercised as was required and remember all the breathing techniques by heart. To summarise, you are all ready to head to labour and then normal vaginal delivery.  However, mid way or may even be towards the end of

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