Lamaze & Exercise Prenatal Classes for a Healthy Pregnancy

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Backache During Pregnancy

  While pregnancy is one of the most special phases of a woman’s life, it comes with its own set of challenges. However, mothers have the innate ability to undergo any challenge to be able to birth their babies and that is why they are so SPECIAL. One of the most common and also the most uncomfortable challenges of pregnancy is back ache. While

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What do we really understand of the term, ‘prepared childbirth’? Women have been giving birth since centuries, and since medical science too has evolved to great limits, it should be much easier for a woman to birth a baby now than what it ever was.. isn’t it? The answer would be yes and no. While medical science has paved the way for ‘complicated’ pregnancies

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Importance of Online Classes

We are living in the day and age of the internet. It is safe to say that today, specially if you are living in a big enough city, you can manage to get everything from a fruit to a flat with the power of a click. Apart from that, the internet swarms us with information, and that too one that is available readily and

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Can Yoga be a substitute for Prenatal classes

Prenatal yoga as the name suggests are a set of yoga exercises, that are specially designed to help an expecting mother keep her body fit, so she is able to support her pregnancy effectively. Are they good for you? Definitely. Are they all you need or can do to make sure you have a satisfying birthing experience? No. While, it is really very beneficial

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